The many myths behind flying carpets

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    If youve heard of Aladdin, theres no doubt youve also heard of magic carpets. If youve never looked into the topic before, you may be surprised by the extent to which magic carpets have been sensationalised and fabled … Continued

Kelim Rugs

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This describes a carpet that is woven and not hand knotted, meaning a flat woven rug has no pile. The Persian kelim rugs is usually woven by the Quashgai and other nomadic Persian tribes. They traditionally used very bright and … Continued

Oversize Carpets

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Oversize Persian Carpets are particularly difficult to find. Many larger houses could display an oversize carpet to dramatic effect. In special cases, sourcing particular oversize Persian carpets can be undertaken to find “just the right carpet”. With direct connections with … Continued

Persian Village Rugs

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There are hundreds of Persian Village Rugs; weaving carpets and rugs all over Iran. Some fine examples are: Yallameh – in the weaving area of Isfahan. A distinctive characteristic for all Yalameh carpets is their warm glowing colour, mainly geometric design. … Continued

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