• Persian Hand Knotted Rugs

The origins of Oriental Hand Knotted Rugs lies somewhere in Central Asia with the most popular weaving areas being Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Caucasus. Each of these regions produce high quality rugs with a variety of designs and individual weaving styles.

Iran produces some of the oriental finest carpets and rugs in the world. These are more commonly known as Persian Rugs. In our Persian Rug or Carpet Section you will see examples from the vibrant Tribal Quashgai Rugs, Hamadan and Beluch Rugs through to the finer quality Nain, Tabriz Carpets, Isfahan and Qom silks Rugs. These are followed by the Afghan, Pakistan, Indian and Caucasian sections showing some fine examples and styles. This will give you an insight into the vast variety and quality in our warehouse.

Kelim Rugs


This describes a carpet that is woven and not hand knotted, meaning a flat woven rug has no pile. The Persian kelim rugs is usually woven by the Quashgai and other nomadic Persian... READ MORE

Pictorial Rugs


High Quality and Fine Pictorial Rugs, Many Attractive Persian Styles‎, Pictorial Rugs, Antique Pictorial & Scenic Carpets & Rugs READ MORE

Oversize Carpets


Oversize Persian Carpets are particularly difficult to find. Many larger houses could display an oversize carpet to dramatic effect. In special cases, sourcing particular oversize Persian carpets can be undertaken to find “just... READ MORE

Large Carpets and Rugs


We use the word Large simply to distinguish carpets that are suited to large rooms, any carpet larger that 300cm x 200cm, could best explain a large carpet. It is very important to... READ MORE

Old and Antique Rugs


A hand knotted oriental carpet can range from semi old, being under 50 years, old or antique ranging from 50 to over 100 years old and coming from all regions of Iran, Caucasus... READ MORE

Oriental Silk Rugs


Most of the Persian Oriental Silk Rugs are made in the city of Qum. They are very carefully and finely knotted. Qum Silk carpets-silk rugs entire foundation are made of silk, both the warp... READ MORE

Persian Tribal Rugs


The Lors and Baktiars are two Persian tribal rugs groups who migrate in the Zagros north of the tribes from Fars. They produce rugs and flat woven articles. Fars region – a vigorous... READ MORE